Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya Big Nose Makes People So More Fit?

Small-nosed people compared to those who got a big nose touted more fit and active. This is because they inhale more oxygen, so her body is becoming more metabolism increase. For reasons that might be done proving logically and more clearly.

Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya
Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya
Responding to this, dr Artono, KLSpTHT (K), FICS said that such information is not true and just a myth only. Basically the body’s metabolism is not dependent of the size of the nose and the amount of oxygen entering the course. But also the influence¬†of health and also the nutrients consumed each day.
In people who have a disease of the thyroid gland disorder, they may also have an increased metabolism. Many other factors, “said a specialist ear, nose, throat at RS PHC Surabaya and Gresik Petrochemical RS to John Chandra Ekajaya.
Dr. Artono continues, the shape of the nose of a person generally ‘ formed influenced by genetic factors aka offspring. When parents have the shape of the nose high, chances are the children of the future will also have a high nose. If his parents nosed likely also the son of his descendants would be such a large-nosed one of her parents.
Quoted from CNN, researchers from the Department of ortodonsi at the University of Iowa, Nathan Holton, computerized tomography scans against 40 people participating. Half of the participants was a descendant of European-Americans and some other Afro-Americans or natives of South Africa.
Yohanes¬†Chandra Ekajaya associate between the size of someone’s nose with the ability to survive in the cold weather. According to Holton, forms the nose seems to relate to the process of adaptation to the climate against one’s place of residence. This is because the nose should be able to heat up and moisten the air we breathe properly.
That’s why when living in a cold climate area lucky¬†people who have a narrower nose so that when he was breathing (inhale), it would be a lot of air entering and make contact with the surface of the mukosal nose that gives it moisture. That’sa narrower nose which maximizes surface area mukosanya so that they can survive in areas with low temperatures, he continued.

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