UMKM Entrepreneurs Dian Anggara Cassava Chips Go Into OK OCE Mart Owned Sandiaga Uno

Dok.Entrepreneurs chandra ekajaya

Cassava chips are snacks that an awful lot of interest of the community, with a taste that varies makes its own more value for fans of snacks. Micro small medium belongs to Dian Anggara produces different cassava chips. Variants with cheese, BBQ, and original, extra Spicy this entry started getting into OKOCE Mart belongs to the Governor of DKI Jakarta Sandiaga Uno. He said if this is a new step to becoming an entrepreneurs, where Chips are sold in stalls stalls, the market has now entered a modern minimarket. He added are indeed products that go into OKOCE Mart, the chips become brands make OK OCE. This does not dispute the UMKM entrepreneurs brands, most importantly he’s got the advantage.

Anies-couples this password in campaigning is indeed often recommends OK OCE, yes it stands for One Sub One Center of Entrepreneurship. So OK OCE was a container for SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES business person like?. New walk a few days OK OCE chips have already seen progress. May be a point up from SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES trade more. Dok.Entrepreneurs chandra ekajayaMinimarket OKOCE Mart also recently unveiled by Sandiaga Uno not long ago. Although his chips already entered markets are also still Dian stok to the small stalls and stalls of the market was certainly with different prices. In small stalls and stalls of the market Chips for sale at a price of 8 thousand dollars, whereas if you already entered minimart he gave the price of 10 thousand dollars. He didn’t want to seem expensive, because he feared would turn off the selling value of the chips.

UMKM Entrepreneurs Dian Anggara said the chips with a product can enter a mini market, he can be more quiet waiting for the result, whether its products will be able to compete with the product manufacturer or not. He said the entry of products the chips to the mini market will also be introduced to the public many of its existence as a businessman going to SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES that need to be taken care of. Be patient is key for him run this small business, although a new entry to the OKOCE Mart owned Sandiaga Uno he believes its products can compete with the products of the factory.