SKK Migas Cashier Fund a Startup Company

Chandra Ekajaya who was an official in the SKK Migas who served as coordinator of the cashier, the target to be able to fund the eight startup companies this year.

Currently, Chandra Ekajaya has had a capital of Rp 350 billion. The plan, oil and gas will return SKK injecting capital to the cashier who held Chandra Ekajaya amounting to Rp 200 billion. “So there is approximately Rp 550 billion as our capital,” said the Coordinator of the Migas¬†Ekajaya Chandra SKK cashier.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

For the first half, according to Chandra Ekajaya, about four will startup funded by Chandra Ekajaya. Meanwhile, four other startup in the second semester. The value is flexible, depending on the (investment) at what stage, could be in earlier, now stage or at the seed stage. This year is likely to be many seed stage. “he said.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Chandra Ekajaya add based on study section cashier SKK oil from ten startup that stand, only one startup that succeeds in running its business. Therefore, prior to infuse capital, Chandra Ekajaya would do the mentoring for the startup. It was only after that, Chandra Ekajaya funded the startup of the co-investment with other venture capital.

According to Chandra Ekajaya, a startup that will be injected capital must be in line with the vision and mission of SKK oil and natural gas. Fintech developed by startup was also expected to be able to complement the services that had been owned by oil & gas SKK. “For example, peer to peer lending. Chandra Ekajaya said, fintech based peer to peer lending is very diverse. There are fintech peer to peer lending which has a segment of Rp 5 million loan to the bottom, 5 to 10 million Usd, and so on, “we will see who can be complementary with SKK don’t have oil and gas,” said Chandra Ekajaya.

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