Never Visited The guardian and visited by President Sukarno

The ATMOSPHERE of cultural heritage Wells Bandung in Cipayung Depok has now been seseram not first. Although the mystical aura still feels due to the multitude ofstories that developed in the community. This time the place became one of the favourite location of the community, even if merely having a chat


The color of the wall is not painted, neatly arranged, filled with MOSS and saungsaung bamboo look shabby when entering the heritage area of the garden Well. With the concept of circular, the visitors are so easy to enjoy crystal clear flow of water well in Bandung. This turned out to be a different atmosphere to condition three years ago before the land was managed Hamzah.


In the past this area was a swampy expanse still accompanied by huge Banyan trees,and underneath there is a spring that is the source of the name of the well. In the past people around very scared if passed through this area, as it affected the mysticalstory always digemborkan people. As disclosed, citizen RT05 Revelation/10 Wards Cipayung. He was reluctant to pass the area here due to the awesomeness of the place is already widely known.


It used to be famous for animal bulusnya (turtles) are very large and often out of the water,” he said. But now the Revelation claims to be amazed with the condition of the cultural heritage of the well groomed enough Bandung. Despite the impressionstill haunted menggelayuti, casual atmosphere made often attract visitors and enliven this place.


In addition to the emergence of the Bulus (turtle) large, Well Bandung is also believed as no astral creatures. It is known to berdasarkaan the experiences of people around Landowners, Hamzah said, himself deliberately took over the land and change it to such an extent to be a convenient place to visit.


Image taken I will wake up again here, so I am a Fox in such a way to be comfortable so that there is a resting place, as in the past, he said. In addition, He also wanted to preserve and maintain cultural sites in the city of Depok, la considers Cultural,Grounds Well Bandung is a witness of history, and should be preserved.


Hamzah mentioned, this place is often visited by the guardians of the four directions, namely Cirebon, Banten, Bandung and Bogor. A large cast of the ever present here was Sukarno, “he said. Sound gemricik water and particular tam boisterous visitors sound when started to enter the entrance of cultural heritage Garden Well. Sari (15) a visitor told him often came to the area to chat with his friend and looking for fresh air.


“Here is still green, so beautiful and comfortable just in case here. The Government was supposed to keep the site as well as the cultural heritage which is in the city of Depok, because this is the asset of the nation, “said Sari short

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