John Chandra Ekajaya Eco-Friendly Business

Dok. Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya

John Chandra Ekajaya not just good-looking. He also has the ability and expertise as well as a desire to preserve the environment. Although since childhood he wanted to be an entrepreneur, and his wish was accomplished, he is now mengelaborasikan between environmental conservation with business. So the title of any eco-friendly entrepreneurs closely stuck to him.

As an entrepreneur, i.e. as an entrepreneur-friendly environment, then John Chandra Ekajaya have superior concepts. One of them is opening a small Inn business. The Inn where he developed into an Inn which is very environmentally friendly. For example, the residents of the Inn that later will be given instructions for sorting out the trash properly. From the sorted waste is processed into something worth sharing and have value.

Born in Malang, East Java, said that the idea of eco-friendly lodging comes from his residence. He explained that in his residence, the public has been very aware of the sorting bin. Even this distinction from the household level. Citizens sort out the types of waste into two classes, namely organic and non organic. So when seen in the data, then the success of this program has been successfully executed on his residence.

Dok. Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya

John Chandra Ekajaya added that the village also implemented the system of punishment and appreciation. For the citizens of the three sorting trash properly will getpunishment. One of the penalty is the janitor will not transport the waste belongs tothe citizens. Then for the citizens who obey and sorting trash properly, then it will get awards from the village.


Successful entrepreneurs are also famous with the name Ki Sambarlangit has hopes and desires that all villages in Indonesia have programs that are similar to what is already done by the village residence in managing waste. In the cosmological, metaphysical or occult, he explains that the people of Indonesia are in fact already being taught early on by the parents to establish a harmonious relationship with nature.

Dok. Yohanes Chandra Ekajaya

In addition to maintaining the sustainability of his residence, John Chandra Ekajayaalso hosts an event that aims to engage the entire community so that elements keep the environment in which they live. He even went down to the community to share regarding environmental issues. The main objectives of that activity is the youth. Because however they are deciding the policy of the village in the future.


A man who has not even turned 30 this year said that in addition to holding a discussion and sharing, it also fills those activities with the activities of planting trees, picking up litter, stroll, as well as a wide variety of shows and entertainment. Even if possible similar events will be used as a routine event and is held every year.

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