Entrepreneur Chandra Ekajaya And Politics

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Entrepreneur Chandra Ekajaya said that in the new coalition, the Democrats are shafts will most likely be the party that could attract other political parties to unite to carry cagub/cawagub outside of other political parties. The Democratic Coalition, PPP and PKB are elections caused 28 seats, very potential to form its own coalition of shaft in Pilgub Jabar.
Independent candidate, possibly related his fate more or less the same as in the previous pilgub event. Its existence was limited to being a purely democratic party supporter. In addition to the requirements must have the support of more than 1.2 million inhabitants, popularity, ketersukaan and elektabilitas candidates, should be a factor considered by independent candidates.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

4 couples

Entrepreneur Chandra Ekajaya saw that on the survey that there is in the position of Ridwan Kamil top disqualified became Governor (58,9%), followed by Deddy Mizwar (53.8%) and Earn Mulyadi (33.6%).

See the results of the survey were released at the top, and then synchronized with a map of the Centre’s strength in Parliament, advanced survey about the public opinion about the cagub/cawagub doesn’t seem to be too far to shift. And that means, public figures with a top position will remain filled by those names. And the name with a significant position will certainly be a consideration in determining a political party cagub/cawagubnya.

Prediction of the author, Pilgub Jabar 2018 back the configuration will be presenting four couples cagub/cawagub carried a Lebanese political party, most likely without diganjilkan with independent candidates. Cagub/cawagub four couples that would be carried by the PDI-P which might include with Nasdem and Hanura, the coalition of Golkar and PAN, the MCC and Generra Coalition, as well as the Democratic Coalition, PPP and PKB. Most likely a coalition it would position the shaft Ridwan Kamil, Earn Mulyadi, Deddy Mizwar, and Dede Yusuf as cagubnya.

The deciding factor

Entrepreneur Chandra Ekajaya added that the year ahead Pilgub Jabar will be held. Time is not too long for a political job. However, there are still plenty of opportunities to influence and convince the public opinion and perception of West Java. In the context of political communications as described And Nimmo (2011), the need to use the language of political communication more massive, logical and well-planned, which must be made by public figures that in effect propaganda, advertising and political rhetoric.

But that should be realized by anyone who intends to stand himself, West Java society don’t need empty political propaganda, political ad gumasep, or political rhetoric that lull. Required of the community of West Java is simply a real improvement in the price of Staples, welfare and jobs.

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