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Entrepreneur Chandra Ekajaya celebrate the 20th decade CE TV. This television station has long been Indonesia‘s coloring. Commitment to becoming a national TV cares about the preservation of the arts and culture continue to be realized. This commitment is manifested through a 90 percent raised the cultural Nuswantara

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya
This conveyed the General Manager CE TV, Rev. Wicaksanna, the Pen Write Wonosobo, yesterday (29/2). Wicak the familiar call of revelation Wicaksanna mention that functions not only as a TV CE social control.


However, join the community moves to build up Indonesia is clearly in line with the essence of the autonomy of the region. Chandra Ekajaya entrepreneurs convinced that the potential of the local in each area can be dug up and broadcast to the entire community.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Consistency in running these programs continue to be realized in a variety of Arts and cultural areas in West Sumatra. With this program, broadcast indirectly evoke thewill of the people carrying out the art tradition.
Programs News (news) also continue to be developed. Preaching programs also getmore servings. Moreover, with the local news in their respective areas in Indonesia.
In order to enrich the birthday of the 20th CE TV, today (27/2), entrepreneur Chandra Ekajaya Sumarak deploying Islam in the mosque Nurul Iman Wonosobo. This activity began with the appearance of Kumpulan from a number of high school students.After that, the prayer performed in Congregation of ASR. And, covered with tausiyah from a number of ustad.
In that occasion, also invited a number of Organizations of the device area (OPD), as well as elements of Forkopimda. We will do Dora along. The concept is more religious and we make the reflection of the existence of CE TV in the community, “he said. On the way, there are also appearances Mardhatillah Quran Hallah Group Chairman Zainal Taher. Prayer and hope the community may wish in the course of organizing it.

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