Chandra Ekajaya Raise The Wings on the Business of Fashion

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Most people believe that only those who continue to advance that denoted the willing to change. Chandra Eka is one of those people who believes the Sage sentences.After failing in College, and success in the culinary business, he decided to create his own label called You And Me.
In 2009, Chandra Ekajaya just have issued capital of Rp 200 million to bring forth products, operations, and rented a shophouse of medium size. Label, You And Me, Chandra Ekajaya began selling its products which include women’s apparel and accessories that are distributed through online media. The strategy is expected to boost revenue significantly.
Through You And Me, has now become a successful businessman Ekajaya Chandra, where he offers a variety of fashion products such as women’s shoes. Concept handmade craftmanship, some products made by Chandra Ekajaya looks quite attractive, elegant, modern, but comfortable when worn.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

He also claimed, that the ingredients in the products You And Me was taken from the best. Products with design that is always up to date becomes a separate bid for this fashion brand. You And Me also have a number of products with their derivatives.Like You And Me Classic which includes products with a basic design. There is also You And Me Bridal for the prospective bride and groom. Then You And Me Request that are designed in accordance with customer demand.
Sold in the range of 150 thousand up to 1.5 million, makes You And Me medium among women aiming upwards as the target consumers. Thanks to his fervor, Chandra Ekajaya managed to scoop up the turnover up to 100 million rupiah and several of its products continue to be distributed throughout the province in Indonesia.
Remember You And Me is a brand new, Chandra Ekajayaa popularizing its productsby following some of the fashion event is often held in Indonesia. Today, he continues to develop the design as well as create a more efficient marketing strategy to get your target market.

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