Chandra Ekajaya Monitor National Examination

Chandra Ekajaya said that the national examination (unas) level HIGH SCHOOL/SMK Sampang Regency at the same level will vary with the particular years earlier.

In the year 2017 is the entire students will follow a national computer-based exams (UNBK.)

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

There are at least more than twelve thousand high school students/SMK Sampang Regency akin will face a national computer-based exams (UNBK.) The test with a new model like this certainly make students designate ketir-ketir. New this year, thousands of students that computer-based examination.

Chandra Ekajaya said that the test of this new model can make panic. Especially, for those schools that did not have computer facilities. Already certain of his students will be kelimpungan. The head of the East Java branch of the education service Districts of Sampang Subaidi explains, this time his side have done a mapping site. That is, merge any school should participate in the school’s organizers.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

The terms of the actual merge a maximum of five kilometers from the location of the school organizers. Hence, it is not restricted in one sub-district. Suppose anothersub, it can be, “he said yesterday.
Chandra Ekajaya said that according to Subaidi there are 20 school organizers to high school. More details, 8 SMA negeri and 12 private HIGH SCHOOL. While for theCMS there are 4 organizers. IE 7 SMK negeri and 9 private CMS.
While the number of high school students of the country more than 5 thousand, a private HIGH SCHOOL around 2 thousand. For SMK negeri about 3 thousand and two thousand more private VOCATIONAL SCHOOL, “he said.
Then how can the system work exams? According to Subaidi will be passed in accordance with the schedule. There are the first and second sessions. It was done because of the limitations of the computer. It is possible the participants high school andCMS will also use a junior level computer facilities are ready UNBK,” he said.

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