Chandra Ekajaya Gathering Outbond SKK Migas

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Chandra Ekajaya was one of the employees of the SKK Migas. SKK Migas is a unit of SKK Work Implementing Specific business activities Upstream Oil and Gas (SKK Migas) is an institution set up by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia through a presidential Regulation (Regulation) No. 9 by 2013 about organizing the management of the business activities of the upstream oil and natural gas in Indonesia.

By the time the holidays every year, SKK Migas has always held a gathering in the form of outbound tours or visits. This time SKK Migas and Chandra Ekajaya doing outbound in Bandung District of West Java. This activity lasted for 3 days with a variety of exciting activities and games in it.

he goal of the host it is outbound activities as a means of refreshing, it strengthens the relationship between the employee and the straps also form an increasingly solid team work between employees.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Outbound activities of SKK Migas which lasts for 3 days-themed Fun and Happy in many ways is interesting in it. On the first day of the outbound activity is down a forest to find a treasure. Participants should be able to find treasures with signs and traces which you have prepared.

The second event was held on the day of performances and also game the cohesiveness of the team. Chandra Ekajaya incorporated in the third friend shared Oil team. After the completion of the activities in the evening Campfire and burns held also packed together with barbecue burn fish.

On the third day it was day culmination where the activity takes place, the granting of doorprize and also invited local artists to enliven the event and also shut down the event. Some people donate and song singing no exception Chandra Ekajaya.

Employees of SKK Migas are also allowed to bring family in the outbound events.It is increasingly gives the impression of familial ambience among employees SKK Migas. Expected in the future, events like this will continue to be done routinely, job demands and tight dateline sometimes cause many employees who do not have a vacation and refreshing, these activities are expected to treat it.

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