Chandra Ekajaya Acculturation And Visionary Of The Islam Of Nusantara

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Chandra Ekajaya has said that in the academic world is known for a variety of unfamiliar terms are used. Function of unfamiliar terms is to assist the student in understanding or facilitating lesson. Despite failing in an academic but born in Malang, East Java is very familiar with this concept.
One of the alien in question is the term acculturation. Entrepreneurs You And Me and the culinary Q this Pizza will explain about the notion of acculturation. Broadly speaking, the notion of acculturation is a mixture of two different cultures and producea new culture. This is often done by religion and ideology.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Chandra Ekajaya then will also explain about the founders of the Islamic country. If the display Windows of the campaign as well as a wide range of vision and mission that exist in Islam, then obviously that became the initiator is Sunan Kalijaga. This is understandable because it is beliaulah that uses the manner and method mix and combine. Since the beginning of the beginning of the Da’wah Sunan Kalijaga, he already spread Islam through a variety of media culture that until recently still used inmost of the country Indonesia.
By means of combining two different cultures, it is not uncommon to Sunan Kalijagaformed a new culture. For example, sholawatan, tahlilan, giant, and so forth. All of that is the cornerstone of the establishment of the Islamic country. Because that’s howIslam is allowed to live on this earth. If foreign religions coming into Indonesia do not fit in with the culture of Indonesia, in the sense that he does not want to be built, then it will be destroyed.
Chandra Ekajaya already mewanti-wanti it from the first. That’s why he‘s very existence of Islam Nusantara agreed with the culture of its ancestors. At least this is a group that can be built and can live and get along well with a wide variety of human kind in this Ibu land. Because of this special land, then the population had to be special.

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