Chandra Ekajaya Prioritize Tourism

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Chandra Ekajaya entrepreneurs are already preparing the Wonosobo Regency as Regency international tourist destinations.

Since three years earlier, he had set it as a priority. Chandra Ekajaya wanted to invest and build infrastructure that will be useful and support the economy and tourism. So later the community will feel the benefit.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

The priorities of development was being implemented in 2017. Later when it is finished then the infrastructure development will be published in a major way. Domestic coverage area, region, national, and international course. These young entrepreneurs are really about to realize the State Saba which is indeed of its history says that this is the land of the Wonosobo Regency Saba is missing according to Chandra Ekajaya.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

The State and the Government of Indonesia has the vision and mission of rebuilding the culture. Then in accordance with the national theme, tourism became one of the road which is for the improvement of infrastructure, investment climate, quality of the environment, and the investment of resources. As many as ten programs are well prepared to support the implementation of this development.

The community became the subject. This means that they are not as objects that only have to follow what the word entrepreneur and Government. But they are the main character development. If the community can achieve (standing on its own feet) and sovereign over his life, and the people and this country will become a developed country. Of course expectations and objectives it wants to achieve.

Wonosobo Regency is projected as the myth of babelan Tower-lift. When in the history of the world, the tower is better known as the Tower of Babylon. Indeed looks very much to do. But this is to be achieved, namely to unite the Eastern and Western civilizations, and they are packaged in. The hope of course to attract foreign and domestic tourists so that a visit.

10 Tips and tricks from successful entrepreneur Chandra Ekajaya


10 steps to starting a business Entrepreneur Success Chandra Ekajaya.

Starting a business involves planning, making decisions and resolving a series of key financial activities. 10 easy steps can help you plan, prepare and manage your business from a successful entrepreneur Chandra Ekajaya.

Step 1: write a business plan Using the tools and resources to make a business plan. This written guide will help you map out how you’re going to start and run your business successfully.

Step 2: get Business Help and training Utilizing training and counselling services free of charge, from preparing a business plan and secure financing, in order to expand or relocate a business.

Step 3: select a business location to get advice on how to choose a location that is customer-friendly and comply with the law of zoning.

Step 4: Fund your business Search Government-backed loans, venture capital and research grants to help you get started.

Step 5: identify Business legal structure you specified a form of ownership that is best for you: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), corporations, S corporations, non-profit or cooperatives.

Step 6: Business name registration (“Doing Business As”) to register your business name with Your State Government. Learn the tax identification number which you should get from the IRS and Your State acceptance.

Step 7: Tax list of countries and regions signed up with your country to get a tax identification number, unemployment compensation, disability insurance and workers.

Step 8: get a business license and permission to Get a list of licenses and federal, State and local permits needed for your business.

Step 9: understanding the responsibilities of Employer law learn the steps you need to take to hire employees.

Step 10: Find Local Assistance Contact your local SBA Office to learn more about how SBA can help. Source startup there are numerous programs available to help startups, micro, and groups are underserved or disadvantaged. The following resources provide information to help specific audiences start their own business. Your business can save money when starting or expanding your business by using the Surplus of the Government. From commercial real estate and Autos, for furniture, computers and office equipment, find what you need for your business in one place.


Post-WTO Appeal Efforts

dok.chandraekajaya WTO

On 17 February, Indonesia officially declared sudali do appeal (appeal) against the decision of the Panel in the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO.

WTO News- Departing from the lawsuit from the United States and New Zealand over the regulation of imported horticulture and livestock products that are considered to violate provisions in the WTO.


The appeal effort will cost and considerable energy. However, this should be viewedas a form of Government concern farmers. Despite the effect on the extension of the time for the Government to make adjustments to Regulation (buying time), it is actually not significant because it also is not too long. From U.S. lawsuits and NZ, expensive lesson gained is better coordination of policy makers and consistency in the drafting of the policy itself.

However, much more important is how forward the efforts of improving the competitiveness of national agricultural, which boils down to the welfare of farmers, not just the achievement target for production or food prices. It doesn’t matter whether Indonesia will win or lose in the appeal efforts.

The biggest challenge facing Indonesia is Indonesia‘s own uniqueness that sets it apart with the country’s other big agricultural producers.


All other countries generally only face the problem of intertemporal or seasonal variations. However, Indonesia as the island nation is also facing the problem of disparity of antarwilayah, both in production, prices or agricultural infrastructure. Great dealappear in addition to the scarcity of supplies in certain areas is the cost of logistics for the collection of the product, which will be taken to the areas of consumption.


The challenge becomes one of the causes of our agricultural products prices in the consumer market fluctuates and is higher than the price in the world market. The Government should have a road map, not just the tactical nature of the policy to address this issue. There are four keywords that should so the focus policy facing the free trade for agricultural products. Two related efforts improve the performance of agriculture in the country and two related trade policy.


First, look for any efforts to improve productivity. From the point of view of Economics, comparative advantage and competitive productivity can be improved by only, not with the zoom input subsidies. Start of provision of seed are more independent, application precisedfarming, pascapanen up to the increased efficiency of marketing. For example, when faced with the option of intensifying and ekstensfiikasi, we recommend that the Government focus more increase productivity while keeping the landagricultural land. It certainly wasn’t easy.


Second, searching and implemented the technology of processing and storage of agricultural products. Tactical efforts such as the purchase of agricultural products by the ‘ Government ‘ is okay, more as a form of caring. However, greater efforts to encourage the development of processed industry should be the focus. This should becoupled with consumer education for consuming the processed products. The culinary campaign with various alternative products are not fresh is needed. The largestwholesale market in Thailand every trader selling fresh and dried red chilli as great in number. This is indicative of technology implementation and consumption of processed products that are already well in that country.


Third, the Government must be more ingenious efforts in developing technical barriers or nontarif, to suppress the influx of imported products. Certainly a good infrastructure is needed to filter out products that can harm consumers or ecosystems in the country. The seriousness to conduct testing of product, whether against a dangerous element content, such as pesticides, bacteria, and others. It’s certainly not cheap.


Many other countries use the technical barriers so that reason still refused to exportagricultural product Indonesia. For example, Australia is still demanding a fumigation treatment when we want to export the mangosteen to it. Fourth, Indonesia shouldfurther enhance the efforts of the development of new export markets and new products in existing markets. Indonesia had behaved no matter in the U.S. lawsuit, certainly Indonesia will miss a very large share of exports because the U.S. is one of threemajor export destination of Indonesia.


To that end, Indonesia should not depend on the purpose of traditional markets only. The new export market opportunities or market opportunities for new products is still wide open. The durian fruit to China alone, asked for no less than two cargo flights per day. But never mind exports, durian is already occupying five of Indonesia‘s largest fruit imports value.


Whereas, from Aceh to Papua, durian technically feasible and economically the country cultivated, which has the largest durian-diversity in the world. Export of agricultural products that have been processed are also relatively fewer technical barriers. The success of PT Javara, for example, who have been exporting hundreds of processed product

Never Visited The guardian and visited by President Sukarno

dok.chandraekajaya cultural heritage
The ATMOSPHERE of cultural heritage Wells Bandung in Cipayung Depok has now been seseram not first. Although the mystical aura still feels due to the multitude ofstories that developed in the community. This time the place became one of the favourite location of the community, even if merely having a chat


The color of the wall is not painted, neatly arranged, filled with MOSS and saungsaung bamboo look shabby when entering the heritage area of the garden Well. With the concept of circular, the visitors are so easy to enjoy crystal clear flow of water well in Bandung. This turned out to be a different atmosphere to condition three years ago before the land was managed Hamzah.


In the past this area was a swampy expanse still accompanied by huge Banyan trees,and underneath there is a spring that is the source of the name of the well. In the past people around very scared if passed through this area, as it affected the mysticalstory always digemborkan people. As disclosed, citizen RT05 Revelation/10 Wards Cipayung. He was reluctant to pass the area here due to the awesomeness of the place is already widely known.


It used to be famous for animal bulusnya (turtles) are very large and often out of the water,” he said. But now the Revelation claims to be amazed with the condition of the cultural heritage of the well groomed enough Bandung. Despite the impressionstill haunted menggelayuti, casual atmosphere made often attract visitors and enliven this place.


In addition to the emergence of the Bulus (turtle) large, Well Bandung is also believed as no astral creatures. It is known to berdasarkaan the experiences of people around Landowners, Hamzah said, himself deliberately took over the land and change it to such an extent to be a convenient place to visit.


Image taken I will wake up again here, so I am a Fox in such a way to be comfortable so that there is a resting place, as in the past, he said. In addition, He also wanted to preserve and maintain cultural sites in the city of Depok, la considers Cultural,Grounds Well Bandung is a witness of history, and should be preserved.


Hamzah mentioned, this place is often visited by the guardians of the four directions, namely Cirebon, Banten, Bandung and Bogor. A large cast of the ever present here was Sukarno, “he said. Sound gemricik water and particular tam boisterous visitors sound when started to enter the entrance of cultural heritage Garden Well. Sari (15) a visitor told him often came to the area to chat with his friend and looking for fresh air.


“Here is still green, so beautiful and comfortable just in case here. The Government was supposed to keep the site as well as the cultural heritage which is in the city of Depok, because this is the asset of the nation, “said Sari short

Chandra Ekajaya Television

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya television

Entrepreneur Chandra Ekajaya celebrate the 20th decade CE TV. This television station has long been Indonesia‘s coloring. Commitment to becoming a national TV cares about the preservation of the arts and culture continue to be realized. This commitment is manifested through a 90 percent raised the cultural Nuswantara

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya
This conveyed the General Manager CE TV, Rev. Wicaksanna, the Pen Write Wonosobo, yesterday (29/2). Wicak the familiar call of revelation Wicaksanna mention that functions not only as a TV CE social control.


However, join the community moves to build up Indonesia is clearly in line with the essence of the autonomy of the region. Chandra Ekajaya entrepreneurs convinced that the potential of the local in each area can be dug up and broadcast to the entire community.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Consistency in running these programs continue to be realized in a variety of Arts and cultural areas in West Sumatra. With this program, broadcast indirectly evoke thewill of the people carrying out the art tradition.
Programs News (news) also continue to be developed. Preaching programs also getmore servings. Moreover, with the local news in their respective areas in Indonesia.
In order to enrich the birthday of the 20th CE TV, today (27/2), entrepreneur Chandra Ekajaya Sumarak deploying Islam in the mosque Nurul Iman Wonosobo. This activity began with the appearance of Kumpulan from a number of high school students.After that, the prayer performed in Congregation of ASR. And, covered with tausiyah from a number of ustad.
In that occasion, also invited a number of Organizations of the device area (OPD), as well as elements of Forkopimda. We will do Dora along. The concept is more religious and we make the reflection of the existence of CE TV in the community, “he said. On the way, there are also appearances Mardhatillah Quran Hallah Group Chairman Zainal Taher. Prayer and hope the community may wish in the course of organizing it.

Entrepreneur Chandra Ekajaya And Politics

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya Entrepreneur

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Entrepreneur Chandra Ekajaya said that in the new coalition, the Democrats are shafts will most likely be the party that could attract other political parties to unite to carry cagub/cawagub outside of other political parties. The Democratic Coalition, PPP and PKB are elections caused 28 seats, very potential to form its own coalition of shaft in Pilgub Jabar.
Independent candidate, possibly related his fate more or less the same as in the previous pilgub event. Its existence was limited to being a purely democratic party supporter. In addition to the requirements must have the support of more than 1.2 million inhabitants, popularity, ketersukaan and elektabilitas candidates, should be a factor considered by independent candidates.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

4 couples

Entrepreneur Chandra Ekajaya saw that on the survey that there is in the position of Ridwan Kamil top disqualified became Governor (58,9%), followed by Deddy Mizwar (53.8%) and Earn Mulyadi (33.6%).

See the results of the survey were released at the top, and then synchronized with a map of the Centre’s strength in Parliament, advanced survey about the public opinion about the cagub/cawagub doesn’t seem to be too far to shift. And that means, public figures with a top position will remain filled by those names. And the name with a significant position will certainly be a consideration in determining a political party cagub/cawagubnya.

Prediction of the author, Pilgub Jabar 2018 back the configuration will be presenting four couples cagub/cawagub carried a Lebanese political party, most likely without diganjilkan with independent candidates. Cagub/cawagub four couples that would be carried by the PDI-P which might include with Nasdem and Hanura, the coalition of Golkar and PAN, the MCC and Generra Coalition, as well as the Democratic Coalition, PPP and PKB. Most likely a coalition it would position the shaft Ridwan Kamil, Earn Mulyadi, Deddy Mizwar, and Dede Yusuf as cagubnya.

The deciding factor

Entrepreneur Chandra Ekajaya added that the year ahead Pilgub Jabar will be held. Time is not too long for a political job. However, there are still plenty of opportunities to influence and convince the public opinion and perception of West Java. In the context of political communications as described And Nimmo (2011), the need to use the language of political communication more massive, logical and well-planned, which must be made by public figures that in effect propaganda, advertising and political rhetoric.

But that should be realized by anyone who intends to stand himself, West Java society don’t need empty political propaganda, political ad gumasep, or political rhetoric that lull. Required of the community of West Java is simply a real improvement in the price of Staples, welfare and jobs.

PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil Will Use The Absent Fingerprint

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

To improve discipline for employees of PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil, in the near future this PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil will impose absent fingerprint. This is done so that there is no longer the power mess with discipline. Owner PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil Ekajaya, Chandra said, absent the enactment of a fingerprint is an effort of the company to enforce discipline. So the workers of PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil can undergo changes. ‘ The success of the discipline.

This enactment, he says have got approval from the workers. Because the current discipline was the only way to improve performance. He explained, if already in place, workers must report absent fingerprint each month. This is absent from the report later on look who’s discipline and who is not. The result will be influential on a monthly Allowance. ” No discipline will affect the benefits, ” he said.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Sementara itu,pihak perusahaan hendaknya memiliki tanggung jawab masing-masing. Baik itu dari segi disiplin untuk pekerja maupun kepada para peserta didik. “Karena disiplin adalah kunci dari keberhasilan sebuah kinerja,”katanya. Dengan adanya sistem absen sidik jari ini, para pekerja yang biasanya membolos akan ketahuan dan nantinya akan diberikan sanksi hingga peringatan ketiga. Karena apabila tidak didisiplinkan maka nasib para pekerja dan perusahaan akan terancam akibat terganggunya kinerja dari beberapa oknum saja.

Para pegawai sendiri mengusulkan ssistema absen sidik jari ini dengan keputusan mereka sendiri. Karena dalam kurun waktu beberapa bulan ini tingkat aktivitas membolos di PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil sangat tinggi. Chandra Ekajaya mengatakan bahwa sebenarnya untuk fasilitas dan gaji dari para pegawai sudah dimaksimalkan, namun masih ada saja pekerja yang membolos tiap harinya. Bahkan, kadang bisa lebih dari 15 orang perhari. Hal itu lah yang membuat sistem absen sidik jari ini dirasakan sangat penting di PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil oleh para pegawai yang rajin berangkat.

PT Chandra Ekajaya Oil Opens Business School For Small Entrepreneurs

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

In this occasion PT Chandra Ekajaya OIL is being focused to boost prosperity of the small businessman less during this revival by the market because it is considered that the brand of their products less quality.

Lack of management capability like the businessmen of small and medium Industries (IKM) they never rise class. Even those not understanding the importance of regulating marketing and cashflow, as not merely regulate the turnover of sales only.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

This pushed the Chandra Ekajaya Owner of the PT. Chandra Ekajaya OIL to open business schools for businessmen IKM in Temanggung. According to him, if the businessmen were still running a business with a sales turnover then simply rely on will never become a great company.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Later the IKM entrepreneurs would have given material about pamasaran management and cashflow of the business they run, so after graduating from the business school can run their businesses like big companies in running its business,” said Chandra Ekajaya.

Chandra Ekajaya added, this business class will be shaped material related seminars business management. He would invite the IKM does have the desire to develop its business towards the better. “That being the motivation I opened business class to IKM is because they constitute a business which many hold labor, so that if these efforts are certainly growing much more interesting will be the workers, said Chandra Ekajaya.

As long as it does year after year PT Chandra Ekajaya OIL is indeed being the focus of building cooperation with the IKM for easier access to the community and also raise the degree of the small entrepreneurs so that they cannot be left behind with the entrepreneurs with larger capital. Most indeed in terms of the sectors of the IKM is still less understanding in the marketing sector to not be progressed to the next level.

SKK Migas Cashier Fund a Startup Company

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Chandra Ekajaya who was an official in the SKK Migas who served as coordinator of the cashier, the target to be able to fund the eight startup companies this year.

Currently, Chandra Ekajaya has had a capital of Rp 350 billion. The plan, oil and gas will return SKK injecting capital to the cashier who held Chandra Ekajaya amounting to Rp 200 billion. “So there is approximately Rp 550 billion as our capital,” said the Coordinator of the Migas Ekajaya Chandra SKK cashier.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

For the first half, according to Chandra Ekajaya, about four will startup funded by Chandra Ekajaya. Meanwhile, four other startup in the second semester. The value is flexible, depending on the (investment) at what stage, could be in earlier, now stage or at the seed stage. This year is likely to be many seed stage. “he said.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Chandra Ekajaya add based on study section cashier SKK oil from ten startup that stand, only one startup that succeeds in running its business. Therefore, prior to infuse capital, Chandra Ekajaya would do the mentoring for the startup. It was only after that, Chandra Ekajaya funded the startup of the co-investment with other venture capital.

According to Chandra Ekajaya, a startup that will be injected capital must be in line with the vision and mission of SKK oil and natural gas. Fintech developed by startup was also expected to be able to complement the services that had been owned by oil & gas SKK. “For example, peer to peer lending. Chandra Ekajaya said, fintech based peer to peer lending is very diverse. There are fintech peer to peer lending which has a segment of Rp 5 million loan to the bottom, 5 to 10 million Usd, and so on, “we will see who can be complementary with SKK don’t have oil and gas,” said Chandra Ekajaya.

Photos The Latest Men Haircuts Model Chandra Ekajaya

Chandra Ekajaya Haircuts

Chandra Ekajaya early in the year 2017 is requested to become a photo model latest men haircuts.

Now his face adorned posters in every salon or haircuts. A lot of people who want to model her hair changed like himself. They want to be handsome and good looking like himself.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Please note that posters posters that are in each place of a haircut or salon is a very massive media promotion and progressive. A lot of super model who was born from a model poster hairstyle. For example, Andy Lau, Aren Kwok, and so on. Indonesia now has a super model whose face graced the world over.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Chandra Ekajaya is a photo of the latest models of men’s haircuts. All jenid haircut had she tried. In physiological and morphological, super model this one has the ability to grow his hair quickly. So he could ride the entire haircut that exist around the world just in time no less than 25 years.
His parents also understand the talent possessed by his son was. Then they’re always photographing her hair was always small. This is the photo from the photo then many search agent models that offered both his parents. Finally a small child was three years old when it was now becoming a super model who is very famous in the world as what he envisioned
Chandra Ekajaya thankful having both parents are very supportive of his talent andhis hobby. Because the roles and contributions of her father and her mother could be a photo model latest men haircuts. He is very happy with this work. He wanted toseriously devoted to it and make a carving of achievements in her career journey. Hopefully this dream materialize and kabul in order to appease people who were there. Especially her parents and also his friends.