Chandra Ekajaya Prioritize Tourism

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Chandra Ekajaya entrepreneurs are already preparing the Wonosobo Regency as Regency international tourist destinations.

Since three years earlier, he had set it as a priority. Chandra Ekajaya wanted to invest and build infrastructure that will be useful and support the economy and tourism. So later the community will feel the benefit.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

The priorities of development was being implemented in 2017. Later when it is finished then the infrastructure development will be published in a major way. Domestic coverage area, region, national, and international course. These young entrepreneurs are really about to realize the State Saba which is indeed of its history says that this is the land of the Wonosobo Regency Saba is missing according to Chandra Ekajaya.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

The State and the Government of Indonesia has the vision and mission of rebuilding the culture. Then in accordance with the national theme, tourism became one of the road which is for the improvement of infrastructure, investment climate, quality of the environment, and the investment of resources. As many as ten programs are well prepared to support the implementation of this development.

The community became the subject. This means that they are not as objects that only have to follow what the word entrepreneur and Government. But they are the main character development. If the community can achieve (standing on its own feet) and sovereign over his life, and the people and this country will become a developed country. Of course expectations and objectives it wants to achieve.

Wonosobo Regency is projected as the myth of babelan Tower-lift. When in the history of the world, the tower is better known as the Tower of Babylon. Indeed looks very much to do. But this is to be achieved, namely to unite the Eastern and Western civilizations, and they are packaged in. The hope of course to attract foreign and domestic tourists so that a visit.

Never Visited The guardian and visited by President Sukarno

dok.chandraekajaya cultural heritage
The ATMOSPHERE of cultural heritage Wells Bandung in Cipayung Depok has now been seseram not first. Although the mystical aura still feels due to the multitude ofstories that developed in the community. This time the place became one of the favourite location of the community, even if merely having a chat


The color of the wall is not painted, neatly arranged, filled with MOSS and saungsaung bamboo look shabby when entering the heritage area of the garden Well. With the concept of circular, the visitors are so easy to enjoy crystal clear flow of water well in Bandung. This turned out to be a different atmosphere to condition three years ago before the land was managed Hamzah.


In the past this area was a swampy expanse still accompanied by huge Banyan trees,and underneath there is a spring that is the source of the name of the well. In the past people around very scared if passed through this area, as it affected the mysticalstory always digemborkan people. As disclosed, citizen RT05 Revelation/10 Wards Cipayung. He was reluctant to pass the area here due to the awesomeness of the place is already widely known.


It used to be famous for animal bulusnya (turtles) are very large and often out of the water,” he said. But now the Revelation claims to be amazed with the condition of the cultural heritage of the well groomed enough Bandung. Despite the impressionstill haunted menggelayuti, casual atmosphere made often attract visitors and enliven this place.


In addition to the emergence of the Bulus (turtle) large, Well Bandung is also believed as no astral creatures. It is known to berdasarkaan the experiences of people around Landowners, Hamzah said, himself deliberately took over the land and change it to such an extent to be a convenient place to visit.


Image taken I will wake up again here, so I am a Fox in such a way to be comfortable so that there is a resting place, as in the past, he said. In addition, He also wanted to preserve and maintain cultural sites in the city of Depok, la considers Cultural,Grounds Well Bandung is a witness of history, and should be preserved.


Hamzah mentioned, this place is often visited by the guardians of the four directions, namely Cirebon, Banten, Bandung and Bogor. A large cast of the ever present here was Sukarno, “he said. Sound gemricik water and particular tam boisterous visitors sound when started to enter the entrance of cultural heritage Garden Well. Sari (15) a visitor told him often came to the area to chat with his friend and looking for fresh air.


“Here is still green, so beautiful and comfortable just in case here. The Government was supposed to keep the site as well as the cultural heritage which is in the city of Depok, because this is the asset of the nation, “said Sari short

Chandra Ekajaya Television

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya television

Entrepreneur Chandra Ekajaya celebrate the 20th decade CE TV. This television station has long been Indonesia‘s coloring. Commitment to becoming a national TV cares about the preservation of the arts and culture continue to be realized. This commitment is manifested through a 90 percent raised the cultural Nuswantara

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya
This conveyed the General Manager CE TV, Rev. Wicaksanna, the Pen Write Wonosobo, yesterday (29/2). Wicak the familiar call of revelation Wicaksanna mention that functions not only as a TV CE social control.


However, join the community moves to build up Indonesia is clearly in line with the essence of the autonomy of the region. Chandra Ekajaya entrepreneurs convinced that the potential of the local in each area can be dug up and broadcast to the entire community.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Consistency in running these programs continue to be realized in a variety of Arts and cultural areas in West Sumatra. With this program, broadcast indirectly evoke thewill of the people carrying out the art tradition.
Programs News (news) also continue to be developed. Preaching programs also getmore servings. Moreover, with the local news in their respective areas in Indonesia.
In order to enrich the birthday of the 20th CE TV, today (27/2), entrepreneur Chandra Ekajaya Sumarak deploying Islam in the mosque Nurul Iman Wonosobo. This activity began with the appearance of Kumpulan from a number of high school students.After that, the prayer performed in Congregation of ASR. And, covered with tausiyah from a number of ustad.
In that occasion, also invited a number of Organizations of the device area (OPD), as well as elements of Forkopimda. We will do Dora along. The concept is more religious and we make the reflection of the existence of CE TV in the community, “he said. On the way, there are also appearances Mardhatillah Quran Hallah Group Chairman Zainal Taher. Prayer and hope the community may wish in the course of organizing it.

Chandra Ekajaya Gathering Outbond SKK Migas

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Chandra Ekajaya was one of the employees of the SKK Migas. SKK Migas is a unit of SKK Work Implementing Specific business activities Upstream Oil and Gas (SKK Migas) is an institution set up by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia through a presidential Regulation (Regulation) No. 9 by 2013 about organizing the management of the business activities of the upstream oil and natural gas in Indonesia.

By the time the holidays every year, SKK Migas has always held a gathering in the form of outbound tours or visits. This time SKK Migas and Chandra Ekajaya doing outbound in Bandung District of West Java. This activity lasted for 3 days with a variety of exciting activities and games in it.

he goal of the host it is outbound activities as a means of refreshing, it strengthens the relationship between the employee and the straps also form an increasingly solid team work between employees.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Outbound activities of SKK Migas which lasts for 3 days-themed Fun and Happy in many ways is interesting in it. On the first day of the outbound activity is down a forest to find a treasure. Participants should be able to find treasures with signs and traces which you have prepared.

The second event was held on the day of performances and also game the cohesiveness of the team. Chandra Ekajaya incorporated in the third friend shared Oil team. After the completion of the activities in the evening Campfire and burns held also packed together with barbecue burn fish.

On the third day it was day culmination where the activity takes place, the granting of doorprize and also invited local artists to enliven the event and also shut down the event. Some people donate and song singing no exception Chandra Ekajaya.

Employees of SKK Migas are also allowed to bring family in the outbound events.It is increasingly gives the impression of familial ambience among employees SKK Migas. Expected in the future, events like this will continue to be done routinely, job demands and tight dateline sometimes cause many employees who do not have a vacation and refreshing, these activities are expected to treat it.

The Coolest Man Hair Style Chandra Ekajaya

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya
The coolest hairstyle Chandra Ekajaya to the attention of the public. In the year 2017 is the man the birth of Malang, East Java is crowned as the coolest guy in the universe-se. So the haircut that he uses at this time did not escape the spotlight. Many who come and then imitate them.

Who wouldn’t want to be cool? Anything that comes from the coolest guy would definitely be cool. That’s why the simple formula into something really cool. Because of this or that item has a relationship very closely with cool people. This is definitely a formula that cannot be bargained again.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Chandra Ekajaya model has the coolest man hair style. Because what? Because he is the coolest guy that. This is what makes a hairstyle that he had now leapt and became one of the top hair style wanna be. Many of the younger generation, especially the men who willingly cut their hair in order to have the same hair style with him.

This is what makes the people of Indonesia are increasingly confident. The coolest person in the universe comes from the nation and the country. Then it surely if their learning attitude, behavior, as well as hair style and appearance, then at least they will be located one level below the coolest people se universe.

Chandra Ekajaya who had a men’s hair style model terkeren not smug and arrogant then. It takes a lot of time to adjust because it earned her the coolest people. Because it is not easy and there is a big responsibility. For example, he must always keep the melody in order that the public impression of himself does not wear off. This is what should be emulated from him.

Yes although his attitude, but he could never hurt another person. It is indeed a bit arrogant Chandra Ekajaya. Its smug attitude is actually not from his/her preferences themselves but indeed circumstances that make it forced a little arrogant and arrogant nature. Yes, that’s what Chandra Ekajaya.

Photos The Latest Men Haircuts Model Chandra Ekajaya

Chandra Ekajaya Haircuts

Chandra Ekajaya early in the year 2017 is requested to become a photo model latest men haircuts.

Now his face adorned posters in every salon or haircuts. A lot of people who want to model her hair changed like himself. They want to be handsome and good looking like himself.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Please note that posters posters that are in each place of a haircut or salon is a very massive media promotion and progressive. A lot of super model who was born from a model poster hairstyle. For example, Andy Lau, Aren Kwok, and so on. Indonesia now has a super model whose face graced the world over.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Chandra Ekajaya is a photo of the latest models of men’s haircuts. All jenid haircut had she tried. In physiological and morphological, super model this one has the ability to grow his hair quickly. So he could ride the entire haircut that exist around the world just in time no less than 25 years.
His parents also understand the talent possessed by his son was. Then they’re always photographing her hair was always small. This is the photo from the photo then many search agent models that offered both his parents. Finally a small child was three years old when it was now becoming a super model who is very famous in the world as what he envisioned
Chandra Ekajaya thankful having both parents are very supportive of his talent andhis hobby. Because the roles and contributions of her father and her mother could be a photo model latest men haircuts. He is very happy with this work. He wanted toseriously devoted to it and make a carving of achievements in her career journey. Hopefully this dream materialize and kabul in order to appease people who were there. Especially her parents and also his friends.

A Secret Scandal Minister Chandra Ekajaya

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

Secret Scandal Minister Chandra Ekajaya always ask young people about the world of conspiracy theories has been very fulfilling human consciousness of the Earth.

Some organizations are often associated with the conspiracy of Freemasons, illuminati is, flat earth, and much more. Not why, but it turns out that the Minister is very loved by the peopleit had secret scandal related organizations.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya
Do you know if the Freemasons has rank up to 33 degrees? In the ancient, 33 units is the number of a perfect size. For modern civilization nowadays usually symbolizedwith a number 10 or 100. But in ancient times, the number 33 is a number which is very sacred and transcendent.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

For Minister Chandra Ekajaya secret scandal is not really a secret. But a secret scandal that still has the secret in it. That’s what makes it a mysterious and impress is very important. He was deliberately instilling the melody to the public so that they may think of him joining the one world conspiracy theory organization.

Even he radically that Freemasons is not really the Organization belongs to the Jewish people. Founding owner of the organization is actually people Indonesia. Where the position of the Jews only as servants or helpers only. While Indonesia is a nation of its leaders. This is causing the nation is difficult once colonized physically and economically.

Minister Ekajaya Chandra explains that sepintar-pintarnya Jews circumvent the whole nation in the world. They can’t outsmart the nation of Indonesia because the nation this is their leader. In fact this is what is meant by a secret scandal himself. If it was the entire people in the world understand and want to understand the meaning of her, certainly the world will be hit by the panic of an extraordinary and terrible. While the world itself is still not able to accept the fact that the scandal involved himself.