Little Shop Big Profit-Hundreds Of Millions Because Doing Business Online Shop

Vigro Shop into one of the best sellers in the largest Online store in Indonesia. Vigro Shop run a business by selling Accessories for the motor. The store has a high rating on the online store. The goods and the price is much different than the other cheaper makes it a choice. Vigro Shop previously only shops are only open a small ads in social media and newspaper advertising. It is only a slight effect conferring to his business, he sometimes opens his itinerant sale Jakarta which left him tired. Riki 31 years, he was the owner of Vigro Shop. Vigro Shop finally got enlightenment for online business and advertise the goods items that deal with the two-wheeled vehicle it is.

Riki tells the story of his first successful item she sell i.e. alarm motor. Not on the first day was not in the first month, but on the second month Vigro Shop started got orderan. 3 pieces of a successful motor alarm he was selling. From that point he advertises all of the products that he has. 2-5 pcs per day once he received. Sometimes a day did not receive the order. Gradually because of his tenacity and a great item he can one day received dozens, 100, 800, up to 1000 pcs every day.
Dok.Business ChandraEkajaya

The father of one child tells the story he assisted his wife in running a business online, but since his wife became pregnant, she was a do it yourself. Now Vigro Shop already has 10 employees, he is very proud of her hard work over the years. He could be an entrepreneur, being the boss, and have many employees. This time he already had a House and buy a car. The dream for the sake of his dream can be achieved due to being an entrepreneur. Riki famous people are resilient and very thorough, “said his wife. Reasonable just what he is doing is definitely tipped well and promoted bai to himself. Because they have joined Indonesia’s largest Online Shops belonging to entrepreneurs of Chandra Ekajaya Famous she feels very proud to be part of it. Being a successful entrepreneur in Indonesia.

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