A Secret Scandal Minister Chandra Ekajaya

Secret Scandal Minister Chandra Ekajaya always ask young people about the world of conspiracy theories has been very fulfilling human consciousness of the Earth.

Some organizations are often associated with the conspiracy of Freemasons, illuminati is, flat earth, and much more. Not why, but it turns out that the Minister is very loved by the peopleit had secret scandal related organizations.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya
Do you know if the Freemasons has rank up to 33 degrees? In the ancient, 33 units is the number of a perfect size. For modern civilization nowadays usually symbolizedwith a number 10 or 100. But in ancient times, the number 33 is a number which is very sacred and transcendent.

Dok.Chandra Ekajaya

For Minister Chandra Ekajaya secret scandal is not really a secret. But a secret scandal that still has the secret in it. That’s what makes it a mysterious and impress is very important. He was deliberately instilling the melody to the public so that they may think of him joining the one world conspiracy theory organization.

Even he radically that Freemasons is not really the Organization belongs to the Jewish people. Founding owner of the organization is actually people Indonesia. Where the position of the Jews only as servants or helpers only. While Indonesia is a nation of its leaders. This is causing the nation is difficult once colonized physically and economically.

Minister Ekajaya Chandra explains that sepintar-pintarnya Jews circumvent the whole nation in the world. They can’t outsmart the nation of Indonesia because the nation this is their leader. In fact this is what is meant by a secret scandal himself. If it was the entire people in the world understand and want to understand the meaning of her, certainly the world will be hit by the panic of an extraordinary and terrible. While the world itself is still not able to accept the fact that the scandal involved himself.

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